Design. Inspire. Support

Interested in learning about Faneia? Click the quick explanation video!

What is Faneia?

Search through our list of active con-tests (or just look at your favorite artists) and find something that inter-ests you! Create a unique, amazing design and submit it to us to share with the world.

Anything you submit (as long as its your own work and follows the guide-lines) will be ready for our community to vote! Show off your design to others and see if you can be selected as the best designer.

After the contest, Faneia will select out the best designs (a combination of most votes, our own criteria, and the fit for the artist). These designs will be featured for sale on our site.

Don’t just design for fun, earn real money from any sale. A portion of each sale on the site pays not only our great community of Indie Designers but also pays the artists themselves!

Why you should Design for Faneia?


Work with Famous Groups

Faneia works with and supports famous idols from RBW, FNC, and more.


Create Art for your and other Fandoms

Show off your amazing creativity to your favorites and soon-to-be favorite communities.


Earn from Every Sale

Every T-shirt, Mug, or any other prod-uct with your design on it pays X% of the sale to you directly.